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This blog is an offshoot of my photography site. It’s about my adventures in travel. It’s not meant to be particularly deep or enlightening, but simply entertaining and inspiring. If it happens to make one person who reads this want to pack their bags and take off overseas, then I consider my writing a success.

Film & Other Antiquities

Back in 2000, there weren’t many tools to blog like there are are today and many places I visited didn’t have good Internet connectivity so writing about my travels the old-fashioned way in a journal seemed like the only option. Occasionally, when I was able to hop on the Internet, I wrote emails about my travels to a growing list of friends. Most of what you’re reading has already taken place, that is to say, it happened in the past. At the time, I made an entry in a journal or sent out an email, but until now, it’s never been published online. I’m putting the original dates of my entries on each post so if you see something posted recently that’s dated from 2000, it’s because that’s the original date of my journal entry.

I also didn’t have a good digital camera at that time. Decent ones were extremely expensive and my film camera didn’t chew through batteries like the small digital camera I had at that time. My film camera also could work without batteries which were AA-sized and readily available. Nowadays, we take for granted that we can take a picture of just about anything and if we decide later that we don’t like it, just simply delete it. I had a limited amount of film so I was very selective about what I took pictures of and didn’t capture many simple things such as food and surroundings—things that I often take pictures of today. If I had at my disposal then, what I do now, I easily could have filled up my hard drive with lots of images. The sad thing is, that after nearly 10 years, I still don’t have all my photos from my trip in digital form. I’m working on it and should be able to post more as they are available.

What to Bring

How I choose my equipment for my normal photo assignments differs from what I choose to bring on an extended trip where photography isn’t the primary reason for going. I’m still concerned about image quality, so lenses are important, but since most travel destinations are once-in-a-lifetime, I want to be sure I capture it with enough resolution to keep it a viable image for many years to come. I’ve been shooting at 12 megapixels for quite some time now and I’m finding more often that resolution just isn’t enough. Most of the newer SLRs are between 24 and 36 megapixels now. Since size and weight are also important when traveling, I’m looking at the smaller, non-professional SLRs by Nikon, some of the mirrorless and bridge cameras by Sony and Panasonic, as well as a rugged waterproof point and shoot by Canon or Fuji.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find your reason to travel.

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